Writer’s Block.

As I sit in the FYE office on this brisk and chilly Wednesday afternoon I can’t seem to think about anything to write. I am in a classic writer’s block situation, which is actually a great topic to write about. I mean what can help you facilitate some solid brain storming. First off I have made myself the most comfortable workspace I can with the space I have. For me this includes a wheely chair with the height all the way up, a bag of jelly beans, and my headphones on. By isolating myself a bit, I am attempting to focus on the task at hand. The next thing I did was to sign off of Facebook and tumblr; the two most effective wastes of my time. Then I just stared at the empty blog entry box for a minute until I decided that this was the path I was going to take today. By setting myself up in a way that I know works for me, I was able to find a topic and run with it.

In many cases this is how I start big papers or writing projects. By just sitting down and writing down everything that comes into your mind you have made a great start. One strategy that I would definitely suggest is to start a big paper or project as soon as you can. By doing so, you can give yourself a little bit of time to just think about what you want to do, and even procrastinate a little bit. As tempting as it may be, waiting until the night before does not leave you with many options. By starting earlier, you can finish earlier. You may even have time to submit a draft to your professor, and then you can make some revisions before the final due date. This will help you to put more quality effort into your work, and the end result will be marvelous.



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