Protecting yourself from the Procrastination Bug

Procrastination is very common among people of all ages. Kids do it when they don’t want to nap or take a bath, elementary and middle school students do it when they put off their homework in favor of going outside to play and high school and college students do it when they want to put off writing papers or do projects in favor of hanging out with friends or going on varioius social media websites.

In college the procastination game does change. In college it is rare to escape a deadline by not just showing up to class, yes your professors still expect you to turn in assignments on time or face losing an entire letter grade. In college you are also taking four to six classes which all basically have the same workload and in some cases might even have due dates in common for projects, papers, and quizzes and tests.

To help combat the vicious foe of Procrastination here are some helpful tips:

  • Write down your assignments in multiple place where you can see them: planners, white boards, calendars, stickie notes, etc.
  • Set aside a specific time to do homework like Sunday afternoon or after your last class when the information you learned is still floating around in your brain
  • Reward yourself: Take a five to ten minute break on tumblr or go and visit a friend down the hall or get a snack anything to give your brain a little break
  • Form a study group. It doesn’t matter if the people in your group are even in your classes but if they also have work to do and are serious about getting it done then your work will go by much faster.

Procrastination is very much like a cold or illness that you contract: if left untreated you could be in way worse shape after than if you had just taken care of those first few symptoms before they spread.


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