keep-calm-i-m-in-control-3In college we have this amazing luxury of being able to put exactly what we want on our plate for our weekly duties. A majority of the time WE CONTROL OUR OWN CLASS SCHEDULES. I think people fail to realize this sometimes. When it comes to picking classes for the following semester it is always a good idea to give yourself at least one day to yourself to catch up on something that you have been putting on the back burner. Whether that be sleep, social life, or your classwork. Hopefully it is not your classwork. My ideal schedule for classes are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday classes only. That gives me a four day weekend to catch up on everything. And also leaves me with the chance to really dial in and be focused from Monday to Thursday. Normally when I tell people that this is my schedule they look at me like I’m a lottery winner but in reality this is not hard to do. I would recommend doing some research of your own about your classes that you need prior to meeting with your adviser. This gives you a chance to see what direction you want to head in and allows you to hopefully make your class schedule work around your work schedule. The normal full time student takes 5 classes per semester totally 15 credits.

By taking three classes on Tuesday and Thursday and one class on Wednesday it will allow you to have this schedule. Your Tu/Th schedule will most likely look something like this Tuesday- 8:00-9:15, 12:15-1:30, 3:05-4:20. And then one class on Wednesday at anytime.  If you’re an underclassman and a lot of your classes are full come registration time all you really have to do is email your teachers prior to registration and let them know that you are trying to get into the class. They will then tell you that it is not up to them when it comes to adding you into the class that you would have to meet with the head of the department. DO NOT GET WORRIED. Get to the head of the department AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE and 9 times out of 10 they will add you into any class that you are looking to get into no questions asked and no problems. Just make sure that you are direct and to the point and let them know that you are being pro active when it comes to creating a schedule that fits around your work schedule and is going to keep you on track to graduate in a timely fashion. This is something that I utilized to my advantage for my time here at Salem State and I was able to finish up in 4 years. If it can work for me it can work for you. Good Luck and Stay positive


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