As we start to get farther into the semester we have papers and test that are coming up. It’s important to look ahead on your syllabus and check to see when a test is coming up. I study better when I have a friend to help me. Others tend to get distracted with study groups. Choose the environment that is best for you. If you need a quiet place, try and go to the library or find a quiet place in the dorms.

Before you start studying for a test it’s good to look over your notes to see what the test is going to be on. It’s better to look at notes a few days before the test just in case you have to ask the professor any questions. Also, the class before the test some professors would go over what on the exam. It’s good to go to the class and write down all the things on the exam. It’s not the best idea to cram the night before the test. It’s better to prepare all week and get a good night sleep before the test.


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