the power of flash cards.

Using flash cards is an art form. By making these little rectangles of paper into a super effective study tool you can have fun and ace any test. The beauty of flash cards is their size, they are meant to fit in coat pockets, purses and backpacks. I love making new cards after an important lecture, this helps me to remember the main points and remember what is really important. The other thing that is nice is if you keep each class in it’s own ziplock baggie, you can carry multiple topics at once. Also by keeping your classes separate and add to them each week by the time finals arrive you will have the whole semester’s  main topics in one place.

I think that this is a great study technique to remember. Especially in classes where memorization is key. This method really lends itself to topics such as Anatomy, Chemistry, English, and Math. Making flash cards really works for any subject because the activity itself is helping you learn the information. It teaches you to gather a large amount of information, and synthesize it down into small and more manageable pieces of information. When finals start it can be very overwhelming, and I usually don not know where to even start. But if I have been keeping up with making note cards, I usually start there. For me, breaking down a whole semester into note cards allows me retain more information. Also its super easy to keep studying on off times with note cards like in the car or on the bus, walking around campus, or even waiting for your next class. 




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