Wait… When are we?

You look around and you find yourself bombarded by pink and red and these weird shapes that everyone tells you are hearts, but hearts don’t look like that WHAT ARE THOSE SHAPES?! There are naked cherubs stalking you! just waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack! These terrifying beings are what society calls Cupid! They want you to think that they are sweet, friendly beings, but YOU KNOW BETTER!!! You round a corner and there is one waiting for you, it is too late to run so you brace for impact, it takes aim and without hesitation shoots you through the heart with an arrow and then BAM! You are converted, part of the haze, the Valentines haze! Well then now that you are part of the masses, and there is no turning back, there are ways to survive this holiday meant for the gooey ,lovey dovey couples, with your sanity quasi intact.  

                                  1. Don’t get overwhelmed: If you are one of those that are single on Valentines day, DONT PANICK! Valentines day isn’t just about romance. Take the day or week, or month, to appreciate the amazing people in your life, like your family, friends that have stuck by you through the years, and your awesome room mates. Don’t get into something you are not ready for, just so that you are not “alone” on the 14th.

                                  2. Don’t Hate: I know it is hard to see a “happy” couple, but let them live in their little bubble for a while. Happiness with another is hard to find so if someone has it, more power to them. just speed walk right by them and continue with your day.

                                   3. Have fun: get some Valentines for your loved ones, yes it is “elementary my Dear Watson” (Sherlock Holmes), but it is also fun and cute. Throw a sweet party with friends and have dinner, get all dolled up and go out,. Do whatever you need to do to feel good about yourself! You are awesome and you deserve it.

                                    4. Remember, it is only ONE day!


Enjoy the sweetness that is Valentines day, what other holiday gives you a blatant excuse to gorge on chocolate? (other than the amazing Halloween) Spend time with those that make you feel great, and share the love with the world…. Wait! There is a cupid in this room RIGHT NOW isn’t there?! *gets shot with an arrow* NOOOOOOO!

                                                            Bye now! XOXOXO



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