Wave Your Hands in the Air

Participating in class can sometimes become a hard task. There are always students who are offering up what they know or sharing a personal experience that relates to what is being talked about during that class. Don’t be afraid to be that person! Speaking up and offering your ideas in class will show you professors that you are paying attention to what is going on in class. You may also want to start small by just answering a question that your professor asks the entire class. Being able to answer these questions will show that you are paying attention in class and are also doing all of your reading out of class. From this point you may feel more comfortable participating in a class discussion. Even if you just say one thing your professor will know that you are being attentive. By doing this you will slowly be working your way up to answering many questions or being able to just be that person who shares their experiences with the entire class. So overall just don’t be afraid to offer up information that you know or feel that will enrich the class. Don’t ever feel like what you have to say is stupid or irrelevant because chances are if you thought about it during the class then it is most likely relatable to the content material that is being taught. So don’t forget to put your hands in the air (and wave them like you just don’t care)!  


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