First Test of the Second Semester? Don’t Panic!

For many of you, the first test of the new semester might be just a weekend away. You may be nervous, but here are a few tips for studying to help you get through that first hurdle of the second semester.

Unless you are taking History 102 for example with the same professor you had for History 101, you will need to adjust to the style of your new professor’s tests. Since you don’t know if your professor is one who bases their tests more on reading or in class lectures and notes, it’s important to include a good mixture of both when you’re studying. If your professor was kind enough to make you a study guide, don’t let it go to waste! Be sure to look up all of the terms and questions listed there as you’re studying.

Many professors however, do not give study guides, leaving you on your own to decide what the most important concepts in the last chapter were. Read over your notes, paying special attention to concepts that are written repeatedly or explained in greater detail than others. These will probably come up on the test. Take a look at the questions at the end of each section or chapter in your book. Can you answer them all? If the answer is yes, then you’re probably ready for that test! Remember, if you’re not satisfied with the results of your first quiz or test, the first one from a new professor is an adjustment which makes it extra challenging. Don’t be discouraged, this is not necessarily an indicator of how the rest of the semester will go.


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