How to Live With Your Roommate

I hope everyone’s semester is going well so far! Did you know that academics are not the only thing you need to do well in? Being a good roommate is important too. When I was a freshman, I heard one of my friends was having trouble with a roommate for various reasons. Here’s a list of what to do when rooming with another person in college.

  1. Clean up after yourself. Your mother is not here to clean your messes for you, so take care of your own messes and keep things organized. If your room is too cluttered, get rid of some things that you don’t need and take them back home over spring break. If you have food in the room and you are done eating it, throw it away! No one wants to smell those pizza boxes that were sitting on your desk for a week. There are so many ways to keep a room clean, even keeping small cleaning essentials like a broom and dustpan or some Lysol wipes helps. If you keep your side clean, you’re respecting your roommate too!
  2. Keep a respectful noise level: If your ‘re watching television in your room or playing music out loud while your roommate is trying to sleep,  its best to turn it off! If you really want to watch that show on a low volume, ask your roommate if that is okay with them. If they don’t want you to watch television in the room, then go to a lounge to watch it or another friend’s room if it is okay with them and their roommate as well. This is important too even if your roommate is away because if they are gone and you blast your music, you are annoying your neighbors! Trust me, no one wants to hear your music blasting, even if you think it’s a great song.
  3. Be kind and respectful of your roommate’s wishes: Sure you can have your boyfriend/ girlfriend over but do not kick your roommate out half the day because you want alone time. Warn your roommate ahead of time, same thing goes for sleepovers! If you have some friends over and your roommate is doing homework, just hang out somewhere else! Its best to set rules early and respect them throughout the year. Even if you don’t like your roommate, still be nice to them! You are only sharing a space, not a life together. If your roommate is not getting along with you, pick a time to calmly talk to them about the things they do that upset you. If that doesn’t work, talk to an RA. An RA will be there to help mediate or if you wish, talk to your roommate for you.

-Sarah M.


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