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Hi everyone!

Salem State has grown since I was a freshman. That new library? Non-existent in the fall of 2012. The new Gassett Fitness Center? The construction was only beginning in the fall last year. These are all new buildings that are easily accessible and for us, the students here at SSU. But sometimes I think they aren’t as utilized as they should be. The administration/construction workers/President/small offices here on campus want us to take advantage of these places so we can get all the help we need! So why don’t we all check out these new spaces and meet with someone to show us around?! The library is the perfect place to study and meet with classmates for a project. The fitness center is a great place to work out all the stress you may have been feeling about a big exam coming up or to show off your athletic skills in an intramural league. Have you considered heading to the book store to see what deals they have going on? Not only does the book store have apparel but also little things you might need, such as a new Vera Bradley key chain, notebooks, paper for your printer, and so on. Maybe you’re working on campus and need to check into the Career Services office to work on your resume. These are all offices and spaces on campus where we can go to get help and branch out!

I challenge each of you to see what campus has to offer and the services that you were not aware of before! I am telling you once you branch out there will be much more offered and available than you may realize! Take that first step…you won’t be sorry!

-Jordan Thompson


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