What’s MAP-Works??

You may have seen it around campus. If you haven’t then you soon will. Word of the new MAP-Works survey is spreading around campus through emails, flyers and (soon) through students who will be stationed in busy areas such as the library and the dining halls. In a week or so you won’t be able to avoid hearing about it. Students in bright green t-shirts will promise candy and prizes if you fill out the survey. But there’s one thing that may seem a little unclear, what exactly is the MAP-Works survey? Let’s start with the basics, the MAP in MAP-Works stands for Making Achievement Possible. MAP-Works is a survey that takes approximately ten minutes to complete. It will ask you questions about your life on campus. Some of these may ask how you feel about your social life on campus, or whether or not you are satisfied with your academics, or living situation this semester. It’s not like a test, the questions are easy to answer! When you’ve completed the survey, you will instantly receive your customized MAP-Works report. This will give you a list of on-campus resources to improve your semester, as well as other suggestions based on your answers. In some cases it may give you the name of an office it might be helpful for you to visit, for example the Writing Center if you are having trouble with your essays. In other cases it might give you suggestions for meeting new people on campus. All of these suggestions will be customized to you! The survey will be open from now until February 21st. Log onto the Salem State University website and hover over the word Logins, next to the search bar, then click MAP-Works. You can log into the survey using the same username and password you use for Navigator and your Salem State email. Taking the survey is as easy as that! There are 12 days of great giveaways so get started soon!


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