Is it too late to switch?

If your considering changing your major, I would advise you to start looking now. Before changing your major there is a lot to consider. First, I would talk to your advisor about switch your major. He or she might have some insight on transitioning to a different major. Second, I would look at a flow sheet from the major you want to choose and see what classes you need or fulfilled. After, I would go to the Academic Advising office they can give you additional help on changing majors or declaring a major.
Another thing to be aware of is if the major requires observation hours or clinicals. Some of the majors require a certain amount of hours in the field before you can graduate. Finally, when you feel like your ready to change your major you have to fill out a Request for Change of Major form, you can get this in the Registrar office or Academic Advising office. Important note: some majors require a certain GPA to be able to change your major.
Academic Advising information:


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