Just Breathe….

  You know how it is… you get back from a lovely stress free vacation at home, and immediately get bombarded with homework, group assignments, papers, tests, quizzes, and required reading. All from multiple classes (you need a full coarse load after all) and lets not mention the headache that comes from dealing with the administration services… The point is, once we enter into the extraordinary world that is college life, we sign up for a smorgasbord of headaches and stress that accompany the good times. So we all need some time to blow off some steam (in a healthy non vices way),  and there are many activities available to you right here on campus:

The New Gym by O’Keefe- The O’keefe gym has recently gone through a facelift, there are rooms added for dancing and multiple multi purpose gyms, as well as excellent workout equipment. My favorite however are the amazing classes they have to offer which include: Yoga, Kickboxing, Pilates, Zumba, and others. Sweating out the stress sounds odd but it works. When you kick your heart rate into gear your brain releases all sorts of chemicals, like endorphins and adrenaline,  into your body that make you feel good. This is what is called a “runner’s high” It helps flush out toxins and other impurities from your body. Also, exercising regularly, helps stave off depression and anxiety. Just remember to drink lots of H2O, and don’t over exert yourself. Go at your own pace and listen to what your body has to say.


Pick up a hobby- “Me” time is important, find something that you love that helps relax you and take some time from your  busy day and spend an hour unwinding.


Take a hot shower- Hot water helps release the strain you put on your muscles when you are stressed. It clears your head from a jumble and allows you to pick out the most diligent tasks at hand.


Groups- There are hundreds of clubs and groups on campus that cover an enormous array of topics from the anime club, women’s center, LGBTQ, languages, poetry, music, art, photography…. If you can’t find a club for you, don’t be shy, CREATE ONE! odds are that if you are looking for a club, there are others looking for the exact same club. This is also a great way to meet new friends with common interests.


Enjoy the sunlight (once the weather allows it)


Don’t let stress bog you down. Enjoy your stay at college, you are here to learn and explore the world around you, not huddle  under your blankets because you are overwhelmed.




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