Financing Your Newfound Freedom

College is a time for young adults to truly explore who they are through taking different classes, meeting new people and becoming responsible for your own money. Since parents typically pay a lot for your attending college they will not give you as much money as often as they did when you were in college so here are some tips for making your money last and trying to save for the future.

-A really basic tip is to just create a budget. Write down how much money you plan to spend each month and then plan out expenses like gas, laundry or groceries.
-Make sure that you aren’t going wild with your money, make sure you leave enough money for need to haves and don’t spend all of it on want to haves like eating out, new clothes or concerts.
-Credit Cards are great for college students because they provide a safety net for emergencies like a trip to the mechanic or doctor but don’t abuse them. College is a great time to build up credit but just remember that eventually you will have to pay back what you charged and, most of the time, with interest.

Check out on campus and around campus for jobs. Salem State’s homepage, if you search “job search”, will bring up a listing for institution jobs. On Navigator when you click on “Student Home”, the column on the right “Student Finances” has a link to job listings that alumni from SSU put up and typically those jobs are conductive to a students schedule.
If you are interested in learning more about student financing here’s an article from


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