Noooo It’s already 8am?

Making a class schedule can sometimes be a very hard task when you first enter college. You have no idea what you should take that will keep you on track to graduate in time. You have no idea what classes support your major, especially if you are undeclared. So what do you? The best thing to do is take all of your general curriculum requirements and then move into classes for your major. By doing this you can kind of see what you’re interested in. If you take a general science class and you really enjoy it, maybe you should consider going into the science field. But once you decided what classes you are going to take you now have to put them into a schedule. If you’re not a morning person, then do yourself a favor and don’t take an 8am class. Try making the first class you take at 9:30. This will allow you to sleep in a little bit and get to class on time every day without being late. Also, if you know that you are not a fan of being in school after 2pm (like me) then don’t take any classes after that time. Being able to create your own schedule is a virtue in college. You can basically take the classes that you need at times you want. So the bottom line in making a class schedule is to make sure that you are taking the classes that you want to take; and to also take them at the times that work best for you so that you actually end up going to the class.


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