Noted and Quoted

As they become more closely acquainted with Canvas, more and more professors are posting the PowerPoint presentations they show in class, online. I even have a professor who printed out the transcripts of all of his PowerPoint presentations for the semester, and put them together in little booklets for the class. These things are a wonderful convenience, and are great study tools. They enable us to quickly look back on what was said in class that day, but they don’t mean the end of note taking. Even though your professor may post a lot of information online, they will also provide a lot of information verbally that won’t appear online. Often, some of these facts and details are the most important and provide greater insight into the topic at hand. This is why it is still important to take notes in class. Writing down what you learn in class is also a great way to memorize information. You are more likely to remember information you’ve written down than information you’ve only read or seen once, so even if you take notes on information that already appears online it still benefits you. Actively taking notes also helps you stay focused and attentive in class. So even if your professor posts all their notes and lectures online every week, taking notes in class will help you out in the long run and allow you to get more out of each class.


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