Beauty Lies in the Zs

Sleep is a beautiful thing. That is something most of us can agree on, it serves to relax us, to process information gained during the day, to “forget our troubles” even if only for a few hours. Yet we don’t have enough of it in a night. If you are like me and suffer from severe sleep deprivation, you know what it feels like to go thirty six hours or more with out sleep. It is unpleasant, uncomfortable, it makes your skin feel too tight on your bones, every day annoyances suddenly become worthy of an emotional freak out, your school work suffers, your social interactions suffer, and your work suffers.  Juggling school, work, friends, after school activities ect, tends to get in the way of quality sleep time. In a capitalist society like that of the US, we say there are not enough hours in a day to be as productive as we wish to be, and because of this our sleepy time gets shorter and shorter. We do not give sleep enough credit, as children we fight it, during nap times we would stay awake because as five year olds, our energy was unlimited, besides, it would cut into our play time duh! Now that we are in college we seek it at every turn but there is just not enough time to sleep. Having long periods of wakefulness affects not only your mood and social interactions, it affects your health. It has been found to increase heart disease, diabetes, brain functions, speech, cognitive reasoning, etc. Your body goes through spasms, pain, bone degradation (over a long period of time) etc.

Take some time for sleep, you need it and so does your body. Your friends will thank you, and if you cannot get to sleep never fear, there are many home remedies that help you get to sleep. Some of my favorites include:

Warm milk and honey

Chamomile tea with honey (not sugar, sugar keeps you awake)

warm bath or shower

soft music (my favorite is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata)

reading a few chapters…..

Try to stay away from stimulants, like caffeine, after 2 pm. And be sure to turn off all your LED lights, these simulate sunlight (to your body any way) keeping your drive to stay awake going….

Happy Sleeping!



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