Don’t Compare!

Don’t compare your success to others!

Let’s say you have friends in your major. Let’s say you have friends in your major who seem to be more successful than you and on a better path than you. That’s enough to upset some people. The truth is, while their life goals seem more exciting than yours, you are your own distinctive person. It is important to look within yourself and stick to those goals that you have.

Ask yourself this: Do you want to pretend to be someone else? If you answered something along the lines of “No way!” then you know what to do! It is important to remind yourself that every day or whenever you feel like you doubt your choices. When you have that set path of what you want to do in life, don’t let other’s detour you down a road that is not you. If you take that detour, you know it’s not what you are 100% passionate about so why bother? The path you have set out now is great already, if you ever consider revamping your choices, go to your adviser and ask for their advice. That’s what they are there. Utilizing them for advice is not just for class advising period.

Here’s a bit of personal experience from myself: I knew a classmate in my major who looked like a typical overachiever with a life path so high it reached past the solar system. Anyone looked at this student would seriously consider why they were on their own path to begin with. I certainly did. It took me a while to realize it was stupid to chase after someone else’s dreams. Stay unique. Stay true to who you are and I promise you won’t regret it.   

-Sarah M.


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