Everybody Makes Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, the thing that makes our mistakes different from others is how we handle them. Ideally when you make a mistake on homework or something you would be able to talk to the professor in person or through email explain the situation and move forward with a solution. That solution could be an extension or a clarification of an assignment but there would be a solution that you feel comfortable with. Most professors at SSU will work through a mistake or problem with you as long as they feel that you are putting forth an effort to make amends or work towards a solution with them. If the mistake you made is one in your personal life you should feel that you are able to apply this head-on approach to creating a solution too. Say for example that you say something that offends one of your friends or even just another student in one of your classes. Ideally you should be able to step back and think about why they were offended and if it was warranted or not. After thinking about it you should then openly communicate your concerns to that other person whether your concerns are that you offended them or that they were maybe too sensitive towards what you were saying.In a perfect world these conflicts could be resolved easily and quickly with a little reflection and a little understanding of the other party involved. We do not however live in a perfect world and we ourselves are inherently imperfect. So try your best to resolve your conflicts or mistakes with the advice I have given you but if you feel you cannot confront your mistake on your own ask a friend for advice or even go to see a counselor at Health Services. Counselors are trained in how to resolve conflicts and in getting to the real root of a problem like: why did I snap at my roommate today? or why am I getting so behind in my homework? or not understanding what is being taught in a class right now? Health services counselors can help you with these and a wide variety of other problems and the best thing about them is that they are there for your use as a student without any payment from you, all you need to do is schedule an appointment.Counseling Services Page


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