Make New Friends but Keep the Old

Freshman year should be full of great memories with new friends, classmates, professors, trips, and so on! There are countless times where you probably have thought back on something you did during first semester and laughed. That is how it should be!  However, I just want to talk to you all about what you can do to continue on the path of a fabulous year! You have probably made tons of new friends and spend every waking minute with them. Now, I am sure you are all great people and have a fun group of friends but have you considered making some new acquaintances in your major? That might be very important down the road when your classes start to get smaller and more focused on your subject matter. I find it helpful to have a few friends in my classes that are separated from the people that I hang out with every day. We have study dates, discussion sessions, do homework together, etc. This helps me focus when I’m doing my homework and going over assignments for my classes because we all work well together and keep one another on track. Sometimes I get distracted by my other friends if we all just sit down to do homework but in reality we gossip and catch up. Making this small change in your college experience could benefit you in the long run and keep your friendships with others healthy since you won’t have time to get on each other’s nerves. There is also plenty of opportunities to join clubs, intramurals, sports teams, so give that a try as well to get out of the residence hall and meet some new people!


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