Boston Bound

Salem State University is in an ideal location to the rest of the North Shore, specifically Boston. North Campus is approximately a mile to a mile and a half from the train station that could take you anywhere. You could go to South Station and take a bus/train to another school, state, home, etc. Or you could hang out in Boston for the day and enjoy the different sections of the city. Being in college to me means trying new things. Why not spend the day off campus when it is easily accessible? In Boston you could head to Fenway if there’s a baseball game, the Garden that is upstairs from North Station for a basketball/hockey game, or even to visit a friend that goes to one of the schools spread throughout downtown. Not only are all of these places a little bit expensive but they are trips that have to be planned out a few days in advance. But what could you do for a spur of the moment trip?

There are list of top places to see in Boston that include:

1.)    The Freedom Trail

2.)    Boston Public Market

3.)    Quincy Market

4.)    Fenway Park

5.)    Museum of Science

6.)    New England Aquarium

7.)    Boston Harbor Islands

8.)    Museum of Fine Arts

9.)    Skywalk Observatory

10.)  Boston Commons

Not only are all of these places there to visit but there are plenty of restaurants, small shops, and must see sceneries in the area that are open to students! Just remember that Boston isn’t that far away! Check it out and have a blast! 


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