The Golden Ticket

Making a good resume is the first step towards getting a job and as college students money is always in demand. Here are some tips to help you create that golden resume and get that job.

  1. Limit your resume to one page, employers aren’t going to want to have to flip through three sheets of your resume. *Tip: If your resume is two pages long simply print on both sides of the paper or split your resume into columns.*
  2. Put your name and current contact information in the heading. This way employers will be able to quickly find your resume if it’s in a file, it also makes it easier to con act you for an interview!*Tip: Don’t put your parent’s contact info / your permanent info in the heading, this will just confuse both you and your potential employer.*
  3. List any work experience in chronological order. This will make it easier for your employer to see what jobs you have done in the past and what your most recent work experience was. *Tip: If you are applying for a specific job consider leaving out jobs that don’t contribute anything to what you are applying for.*
  4. Under each of your past jobs put a brief description of what you did there. *Tip: Try to list skills relevant to the job you are applying for, if you are applying for a specific job.*
  5. At the bottom of your resume put, “References available upon request”, this signals to your potential employer that you were such a good employee/person that people want to reference you for jobs. *Tip: At the very bottom of the page put, “Thank You”, as a courtesy to the person reading your resume so that they know you are a polite and considerate person.* 

So these are just basic tips for setting up your resume, if you need help drafting your essay Career Services here at SSU will help you draft and spruce up your resume and even do mock interviews with you. For more information on resume writing and Career Services follow the links below. Happy Job Hunting!

Career Services:

Resume Video:



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