Tutor Time

With midterms just around the corner it is time to start studying for those exams. Are you asking yourself where do I start? I am so confused in this class. I am going to fail!! Well let me tell you that there are plenty of options on campus for you to get the help that you need to do well. If you need extra help maybe it would be the time to stop by your professor’s office hours. They set aside a few hours a week for that reason. Your professor is the best person to help you through the class and to help you figure out what you are struggling with. But there are other options some of you may not know about. If you are struggling with the course and do not know how to organize your thoughts and how to study for the upcoming exams, maybe you should look into getting a tutor. It is one of the resources on campus that is free to you. It is one of the most helpful resources I have used on this campus. Without it, I don’t think I would have passed one of my courses. So if you think this awesome resource would benefit you, all you need to do is log into your navigator account and on the main page look under the Academic Support Services for the tutor request form. I have attached a picture to show you what to look for!! So go ahead log in now and request that tutor. Do not be afraid to ask for help because all of us need it once in a while. 



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