That was due today?

At the beginning of every semester everyone receives multiple syllabi that they are responsible for keeping track of. Each class’s syllabus is a critical component of succeeding in that class. By creating a semester calendar you never have to worry about losing your syllabi ever again. Once you receive all of the syllabi you should sit down with your calendar and go class by class and write down everything that is due on the days that they are due. Color coding your assignments by classes is also very helpful in this situation. Once you have finished this, you have a visual of what is due for each class each day of the week.

            Another way to weekly prioritize all of your tasks is to create weekly to do lists. These lists may help you in terms of working with your weekly schedule. Some weeks you may be busier than others so you may need to get a lot more work done earlier in the week than at the end of the week. Making weekly or even daily to do lists would be very helpful. Once you figure out which assignments are going to take the most time and which assignments are going to be easy to do you can organize your to do list. After you complete each item on your list, you can see all of the progress that you are making. This will be a motivating factor for you to finish the rest of our work. You also will never forget to do something.

Next time you feel as though you are forgetting to do something, try taking one of these tips and see if that helps in remembering everything that you are supposed to do.



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