The Power of LinkedIn

Last night I went to a skill building event hosted by  Career Services called The Power of Linked In. Cards on the table I knew nothing about the site LinkedIn or what was going to happen at the event. However, I am an Institutional Advancement student ambassador so I get to go to all kinds of university events. So I went with FY mentor Ashley and we had a wonderful time and learned lots of things.

First off, LinkedIn is a professional social media site. It allows you to have a resume type profile with the ability to interact with people who are in the same field as you. It seems to be a really efficient way to look people up and learn about their professional background. I really enjoyed the presentation, and then afterward we set up profiles. It was a fairly easy set up, only requiring a verified email. This is a great tool for anyone in college to connect with the people they meet inside or outside of their field.

The website walks you through an initial setup where you can add your education, both past and present. Then you can add your past job experience and discuss your professional skills. The biggest selling point of the website is that while you may not have direct connections to people in the field that you are pursuing, the people you are actually connecting to might have other connections that they can introduce to you. Its a great tool, that must be utilized in today’s world of technology. If you use the site correctly your profile may help you land cool internships now, and maybe a job in the future.



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