Getting there is half the battle

The hardest thing sometimes about college and classes is actually getting up and getting there. You sit back and ask yourself how did I ever wake up and be on time to school at 7:30 am in the morning but I can’t seem to make it to my 9:25 class on time???? It confuses me to still to this day. But over the years I have learned that showing up is half of the battle when it comes to success in the classroom, the other half consists of participating and committing 30 minutes a day to each class to either look over notes or look ahead at what is coming in the next class. If you can manage to get up and get to class you retain information just by sitting there. By actually participating you engage with your professor and retain even more information by doing that. The hard work and dedication to give 30 minutes for each class a day to look over notes and/or get ahead is what will guarantee you at MINIMUM a B in every class. This is a proven way to success in the classroom that has worked for me. I went from an average student to a member of the dean’s list by taking these steps and applying myself. I’m sure it will work for you as well.Image


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