Safe and Fun in the Sun

        We have made it! Half way through the spring semester, we are tired, and worn down, and our minds feel as though they will burst. However we get some relief starting this Friday March 7 2014…Why you ask? SPRING BREAK! Friday is the day we are all heralded from our dorm rooms and sent away with a very pointed “You don’t have to go home, BUT you can’t stay HERE!” Some of us will go home and enjoy a week with our families and old friends. Some of us will make our way south, perhaps to Myrtle Beach in SC or somewhere in Florida. There is no doubt that the weather is much nicer, the further South you get, and because of this college students everywhere will be flocking. Now while this is a great opportunity for socialization, and solid fun in the sun, it is also a dangerous time. No matter how cautious you are, we can all agree that there are times when bad things just happen. These are a few tips on staying as safe as possible while still having a grand ole time…

        1. Buddy System- Remember school trips in middle school? You get assigned a partner in crime and you had to stick together like glue or else (dum Dum DUUUM!) Well it is the same concept except you choose who you go with. While out and about, always travel together. That doesn’t mean a big group, one person you trust is fine just stick together and don’t separate (especially at night). You will meet plenty of strangers and not everyone you encounter will have the best intentions.

        2. Location, location, location: Set a specific meeting place in case of an emergency and you get separated, make it somewhere easy to find; a large monument works best because you can see it from most of the city and if you can’t, locals can direct you to it easily enough, also keep your phones on at all times (I know not really a problem with our generation having our cell phones surgically attached to our person but again things happen).\

       3. Don’t trust the drinks: Be aware of the risks with chemical mixing. When ordering a drink ask for something in a bottle that you can open yourself or watch whoever is serving and mixing carefully. Never walk away from your drink, and if you don’t trust it, don’t drink it. Nothing wrong with throwing out a drink. This rule goes for both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. 

       4. Look out for your friends:  This one connects with the first but it is still important. keep tabs on each other and if you notice something wrong, grab everyone in your group and leave. There will be a rad experience just around the next corner. Keeping an eye on your friends can go a long way with avoiding bad times. Follow your gut and listen to your body when it is telling you to be cautious. 


                                                                          Have fun and be safe! 




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