This is too stressful!

Making your schedule could be a very hard process or an easy process. It is good to look over your flow sheet and make sure you are completing your requirements for the school year. A lot of people plan out what classes that they need to take to graduate in four years. It’s I good to keep track of all the classes that you need to take. Once you figure out what classes you need the hard part is trying to fit them into your schedule.
Many things come into factor when trying to make a schedule. You need to figure out if you are going to have days off so you can work. People that commute might have classes two days out of the week so they don’t have to come to campus everyday. Also, you have to decide if you can wake up early for classes or have classes later in the day. It’s best to try and schedule classes that you know you will attend to. There is no reason why you should take an 8 am and skip every other day because you can’t wake up. After you tried to move your schedule around it is good to talk to your advisor about your classes. To make sure that you aren’t missing any requirements that need to be fulfilled before a certain semester.
Overall, when you are making your schedule and choosing your classes make sure that it is what you want. You can’t get mad at the schedule that you chose for yourself. Also, there should be classes times there that you know you can attend. Don’t set yourself up to fail before you even start the semester. After all this your schedule should be something that you want.


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