Two more days!

Spring Break is two days away…and counting! I bet you all are excited and can’t wait to get away for a mini vacation, whether you’re spending it at home, on a trip, visiting other friends from home, it is a week away from school! I’m sure at this point you are both really relaxed and ready for break or stressing over last minutes assignments. Have no fear, I am here to offer you tips on how to manage your stress so you can go into break with a clear mind!

1.)    Take a break from whatever the stressor may be. Try to be proactive and get assignments done during the day so you don’t have to stay up all night worrying. If it’s your roommates or friends go find somewhere else to hang out to get work done or visit with people/professors/tutors before you leave.

2.)    Exercise, exercise, exercise! We have a brand new fitness center here at SSU with so many classes, besides the machines, that offer to chance to get away from school work. They are generally an hour long so grab your friends and head on down! Exercising will make you feel so much better at the end of the day!

3.)    Smile and laugh! By cracking a smile or giggling at a friend you will relieve so much stress in your face! The tension will just melt away!

4.)    Get social support! Try to reach out to friends if you need to vent or just get stuff off of your mind. Make sure you can trust this person and know they will offer you positive support to keep you motivated through the next few days!

5.)    Meditate! Have you ever tried meditating? This will help you focus your body and mind, yet let you see a situation in a new light. By sitting in silence and taking deep breaths you will rid yourself of negative energy and have some new outlooks on your situation!

Check out this site for more suggestions:

My personal piece of advice would be “Remember: You can do it!” Everyone is in a similar situation so get a group of friends together and start a study group and keep pushing yourselves until Friday! Keep going you’re almost there! Stop by FYE if we can help you in any ways! Have an awesome break!


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