No Spring Break Plans? No Problem!

What to do when you are not going away for spring break….

  1. Take a day trip- This trip doesn’t have to be anywhere special, it could be somewhere close too! Explore Massachusetts and get some idea of where to go here:
  2. Work on any major assignments that is due when you get back- You know that essay/assignment/project that is due the week you are back? Go do it and get it done so you can relax when you get back too! Sure beats sitting on the couch and watching television for half of your day.
  3. MFA free after 4:00pm on Wednesdays– If you love art and can make it into Boston, this is certainly the place to be! Have some fun in Boston and see amazing artwork for free while you’re at it.   
  4. Visit friends and family– You probably haven’t seen your family in a while so now is the time to visit and spend quality time with them. They miss you and can’t wait to hear what you have been doing lately in school! Also, take the time to catch up with friends at home!
  5. Take up a new hobby and try something new– Go bold and try something new. Try a new hobby, create something that you’ll be proud of, push those limits! You never know, you might surprise yourself.
  6. Take a spa day and relax- This doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate like going to a real spa, just something simple like an at home relaxation day. After all, you have been working hard all semester. Just a few searches online and you can come up with a fabulous face mask from everyday ingredients:

-Sarah M.


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