March Madness

Now that Spring Break is over it’s time to get back into the swing of things. One of the big tasks for all students right now is picking out their schedules for next semester. As most of us have already done this before it should be a snap, but for those of you who have not registered at Salem State before here are some quick tips and reminders to make registration a little bit easier for you.

  1. Think about what classes you need to take next semester. Look at your flow-sheet to see what courses you need to take (Gen. Eds.) and if you have declared your major you should also consider what classes you should be taking to keep up with your major.
  2. Consult the Master Schedule to decide on what time you want to take your classes and with what professors. Looking at the Master Schedule also lets you explore what other classes in other disciplines you would be interested in taking.
  3. Once you have picked out your ideal schedule ( times, professors, locations, etc.) make at least two other back up schedules. While this may seem excessive, on the day of registration it is pretty unlikely that you will get all of your first choices. Also having multiple schedules made up before you meet with your advisor is great because it speeds up your advising appointment.
  4. Make an advising appointment with your advisor! You have to do this so that you can get your access code to actually register for classes next semester. To find out who your advisor is simply log into Navigator, click student home, click academic home, then click view my advisors and your advisor should be listed there. To make your actual advising appointment most of the time you need to go to your advisor’s office and sign up, some professors will sometimes send out a sign up sheet in an email, but must of the time they will have you come to their office.
  5. The last thing you should do before actually registering is to check if you have any holds. To do this simply log into navigator go to student Home and then click on view holds. If nothing is there you have no holds and if you do have a hold you should take care of that right away, as you can’t register with any holds on your account.

To view the Fall 2014 Master Schedule simply follow the link below.


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