Beach Time??

Todays weather forecast: High of 78 no chance of precipitation and extremely clear skies

Before you run into your friends car and take off down the street to Devereux Beach, remember that you are still in classes. I know it can be challenging sometimes when your friends who have early morning classes and are out of class by 11am and when they hear these great beach days, you are going to become extremely tempted to skip class and join in the fun. Well I am here to tell you not to do this. Remember you are a student first!! Skipping class can be extremely risky and potentially effect your grade. 

My class doesn’t have an attendance policy…..

Okay so maybe it doesn’t, but your professor does notice when you are not present in class and will keep mental note of it. So at the end of the semester when you are between a B+ and an A- you are not going to get the A- if you are skipping class. Also just because your class does not have an attendance policy you are still going to miss the lecture and take it from me that one day that you do skip will be the most important class. The worst is going in the next class and having no clue what is going on.

 My best advice to all of you is to go to class and wait for the next nice summer day to go to the beach when you are not going to be in class. That mature decision of doing to class, I promise will make a difference in the end!!



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