Don’t push things back!

Now that we just came back from break it’s a great time to try and be on top of your classwork. While we are at the half way mark of the semester, the course load is going to start getting heavy. Over the next few weeks professors are going to start going over important material that are going to be on your finals. If you have huge papers that are due at the end of the semester I would start to work on them and make an outline on what your going to be writing about. It’s best to start and prioritize all your work so when finals come your not stressing yourself out. This applies to taking a test if you know a test is coming up start looking over your notes. Trying to study all the material the night before never works out. 

Some reminders are:

1. Stay focused in class. Many professors are going to start talking about important topics that are going to be on the final. 

2. Don’t get behind of your work! Staying on top of all your course work will help to prevent a meltdown when finals come. 

3. Prioritize your work. Don’t put off the huge papers, start them early so you won’t have to stay up all night the nights before it’s due. 


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