Cruise Control

It’s about that time that everyone wants to throw in the towel and put on their cruise control the rest of the semester. However, this is not the time! There are plenty of weeks left and homework/projects to be done. I know that you might be feeling the heat to do well and lacking the motivation to do so but take an initiative to talk to your professors. Everyone wants to succeed and building a relationship with your professors is vital if you feel like your falling behind and not doing as well as you hoped. Keep them in the loop if a family commitment comes up, you’re not understanding the class material, or anything else. The professors will make much more of an effort if you take a minute at the end of the class time to talk to them. It is never too late to kick it into high gear to finish off the semester. They notice when students are starting to fall off the bandwagon and stop coming to class, it just shows you don’t care. So take that extra step into putting your best foot forward for the ending of the semester the best you can and you will be much more successful in the long run. As a first year student that can be hard but finishing the year strong will start your summer off right! You can do it!

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