New Curricular Madness

Spring break is done and gone. Sad yes indeed, however now with our new found motivation and nice weather coming our way, it is time to buckle down and settle in for the rough ride we have ahead.  There are several steps that need o be taken before the end of this semester and not all of them involve finishing this semester’s classes successfully (though that is a big step). Advising is currently taking place, and although for some this step is tedious, it is necessary, in particular because our curriculum is currently undergoing some serious changes. For those of us accustomed to the old ways, this new curriculum can seem daunting and confusing. However if you have the option of switching over (and you like what you see on your Major flow sheet) you might want to consider the change. This new curriculum (although very few know how to explain the plan accurately) seems to allow for more academic freedom when it comes to our Gen Eds. This process is confusing and a bit overwhelming, but well worth the freedom of class selection. Keep in mind that the professors and advisors are equally, if not more so, overwhelmed. As students we only have to look out for our own academic success, they have to over see the academia of hundreds of students, it’s really quite impressive that they can even keep who we are on track, so if you have any specific questions (other than your advising appointment), please wait until the beginning of April, before registration, to ask and pick at. Remember every one on  campus is here to help, but we must help our lovely Faculty as well.


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