Be Creative.

As you may have seen around campus, this week the first year mentors have been passing out KitKat candies with the study tip to take a small break during long hours of studying to keep your mind fresh and on task. I thought I could provide a few creative ways to help first year students take their mind off of studying for at max. 15 minutes.

The most common thing that happens however is when students tell themselves they are going to take a “quick break”, then they get sucked into a youtube vortex and end up watching full episodes of Phil of the Future or Two of a Kind. Here are some creative ideas to help you take a break from academic topics and let your brain relax a bit.

First off, I think that simply leaving your dorm room and taking a walk can really clear your head. By simply removing yourself from your room or study environment without distracting yourself further by socializing with friends. Another thing I would suggest packing up your study material and sitting outside with your books for a while, which is specifically useful as spring is approaching.

Next a good idea for when you have writers block or are stuck redrafting a research paper, is to take 15 minutes and simply free write. Taking a few minutes to create something completely new such as a story about a pirate or a traveling circus can really help get you thinking. Lastly I would suggest completely changing gears for a few minutes. For instance if you are reading a book about Native American genocide, maybe youtube some funny cat or baby videos. Limit yourself here, as to not get out of control, but a few funny videos while reading or studying a serious topic can really help your longevity of productivity.




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