Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

With the semester quickly coming to a close we all have multiple large assignments due in the upcoming weeks. So this week I am going to be offering you tips on how to stay on track so you end the semester as successful as you started.

1. Respect Deadlines: Make sure you get the assignment done sooner rather than later, especially if the date is coming up faster than you think. Get the projects, assignments, and papers in on time to ensure a better grade.

2. Set milestone deadlines: Break down your work into simpler tasks so you will continue to stay on track and it will make it seem a lot easier to complete. I suggest making a checklist for these smaller tasks so once you put your work all together it will be smooth sailing.

3. Consider the consequences: Continue to be aware of your tasks and upcoming priorities, especially working with other people. Try to stay motivated and not fall too far behind.

4. Consider Payment Terms: The website that I am getting my ideas of advice from is geared more for business people but as students we need to be considering scholarships and financial aid. You might need to think about what GPA you need at the end of the semester to continue getting help so try not to fall behind too early.

5. Consider Time Required: Cross the easier assignments off your list before tackling the larger ones!

6. Set Monthly Goals and Work Backwards: Look ahead and hit the books when you know you need to get going on assignments. Make to do lists and figure out what needs to get done sooner.

7. Schedule a Percentage of Your Time for Personal Projects: Always schedule some time for yourself during these next few weeks! Don’t get too overwhelmed with stuff going on in your classes because it will all work out! Stay positive!

Check out these tips and let me know how your semester ends! I have full confidence you will all do well. If you are interested in this site that I got the information from Good luck everyone!


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