Where to Study?

Studying is essential in college and finding that perfect place to study is important. Here are my favorite places to study and why:

  1. Library: With tons of tables, you will always find a place to relax and concentrate on that essay or exam. There are also computers for students to use so you do not have to drag your laptop around with you and it’s easy to save the document on the library computer and email it to yourself. The study rooms are great for a group project that needs to get done with the walls acting as a giant white board. Just make sure you bring your own dry erase markers. Finally, the third floor is a fantastic quite study floor. Take note: Quiet Study! This means that if you are talking or working on a group project on this floor, you are disrupting everyone around you.      
  2. Common area of your resident hall: If you are a resident, you most likely have a common area. The only downside of this is that you need to make sure that other students are not making a lot of noise. Some students use their hall’s common area to study, others use it to be social and watch television or play games. If it occupied by people quietly studying, then it is a perfect place to be. If people in there are noisy, it is best to stay clear of the area.  
  3. Commuter Lounge: Just like the residence hall common areas, students will come here for studying and socializing. What is great about the commuter lounge is that it is a relaxed environment with computers for students to use.
  4. Your Room: This is actually the last on my list because while it can be quiet, it can also be distracting. You might have a television in the room you feel that you would rather watch than type that essay or talk to your roommate about your day. What’s worse is that your neighbors could be noisy and no matter how many times you ask, they won’t turn down the base. Your room isn’t the best place to study but it can be nice at times. Just make sure it is quite and you are not distracted.

No matter where you plan to study, remember to be focused on the task at hand. Just because you are writing that essay on the third floor of the library doesn’t mean that you won’t be distracted by Facebook. If you need to take a fifteen minute break every hour and keep track of that time that you use for a break. That fifteen minute break should stay at fifteen minutes, so setting a timer is a great way to know when to stop scrolling through Facebook or Tumblr. No matter where you study, study to the best of your ability.    

-Sarah M.


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