communication nation

Everyone has heard the expression, “communication is the key.” But what is it really the key to? I believe that communication is the key to a lot of things. I think that in college there are a lot of situations that you might have to face, that you can navigate through by simply communicating. First off there is the age old friend spat. By communicating your feeling and your thoughts, openly and honestly you can get your point across without confusion. I mean most girls go the passive aggressive route, and don’t say anything and let their feelings harbor. By communicating early you can avoid the drama, and find a resolution. This is also applicable to school, especially with talking to professors. When you first begin college, and start taking many different classes with many different professors, you might be overwhelmed. By communicating early with your new professors, you begin to create a relationship. Just by simply taking a bit of time to email them with your questions, concerns, or just getting to know them you will quickly become very comfortable with them. When you are more comfortable speaking with your professors, you will most likely become more willing to ask questions in class or even take part in class discussion.

Communicating can be intimidating in the first place. It is something that takes a lot of practice. It is such an important thing, that we even have a required public speaking class. While that sort of thing is a little different, the skills you learn there can still be translated into daily life. Speaking with others effectively will really help you build confidence, and will allow you to be able to feel more in control of your own learning.




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