Hold On!

Registration starts next week, and opens up at 7am on these dates:
•Seniors: April 1
•Juniors: April 2
•Sophomores: April 3
•Freshmen: April 4
Be sure to register for classes by April 18th or you’ll have to pay a late registration fee. Don’t worry, you can still change around your class schedule after the 18th. Once you’ve met with your adviser, and planned out your course schedule, nothing should stop you from registering right? But there could be a hold on your account, which would stop you from registering. You can check and see if you have a hold by logging onto your Navigator account, then clicking Student Home. There will be three columns and if you look under the second column, which is labeled Academics, you’ll see the words View Holds. Click there and it will tell you if you have a hold or not. If not, then great! You’re ready for registration. If you do have a hold be sure to call the appropriate office so you can resolve it. This will usually be the Financial Aid office. Be sure to call them when you have plenty of free time, as you will often need to wait awhile before they are able to pick up the phone. They get a lot of calls! The can be reached at 978.542.6112. The earlier you register, the more likely you are to get into your preferred classes. Good luck!


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