How to not pile your plate so high

As we approach Finals and all of the hectic energy that goes along with that time of year here are some tips to help you manage your time wisely.

1. Don’t go out if you have a paper to write. No matter what you tell yourself you will not only be going out for a hour or two and you certainly won’t want to come back and start a paper at midnight and work until three in the morning.

2. Don’t plan to do more than one big project in a night. While it seems like a good idea to get everything done at once, realistically you will not be able to crank out more than one big final paper in a night for two different classes and then wake up on time for class. Instead plan out weekends to do certain papers in order of priority. For example if one final is due two weeks before finals do that one first before even thinking about doing the one that is due on the last day of finals.

3. Plan out homework and study times every day. While big projects do count more towards your final grade, homework is also a big part of your grade so don’t let that slip by as you work on your finals. Plan to go to the library or a quiet lounge and do your homework and while you’re there you might find that you get the motivation to finish your homework for a good part of the week.

4.Don’t try to do work in your bed. Yes it is more comfortable than your desk or chairs in the library or lounge but there is a reason for that. If you do work in your bed not only will you want to take a “quick” nap you will also begin to associate your bed with the stress of your schoolwork. This in turn makes what should be your safe heaven in school into another extension of the stress you are experiencing everywhere else which will make it harder for you to sleep which will make you less motivated to do your work.


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