Why do I have so much work?

Do you ever have days when your so stressed out you can’t even be productive?  Sometimes I just have too much going on and I don’t know what to start with first. What works best for me is to just hangout with my friends and be around something positive. There is no need for me to be stressing out in my dorm by myself. Another way I get rid of the my stress is to talk about my problems with someone, I like to get everything off my chest.

To try and reduce stress, here are 10 steps:

  1. Listen to music
  2. Call a friend
  3. Talk yourself through it
  4. Eat right
  5. Breathe easy
  6. Laugh it off
  7. Try Tea
  8. Be mindful
  9. Exercise (even for a minute)
  10. Sleep more

Once you start to change up your routine your stress should go away. After you reduced your stress maybe you can start handling your problems. While we only have a month left and you have big papers and test to study for remember these steps to try and reduce your stress. I hope you can have a stress free life ( for a little while).



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