registration panic

We have reached that dreaded week full of so much stress, you guessed it: registration week! It may seem daunting to deal with picking classes that you won’t be taking for a few months, but it is really important. When determining your classes for next semester, it is always important to begin with your flow sheet. From there you can determine what classes you have to take and if you have room to take some classes just for fun. Once you determine what classes you are going to take, you can go to navigator. Once on navigator you can view the open sections of the classes you want, and can add them to your cart. You can also use the “schedule planner” tool to view all possible schedule combinations of the different classes you would like to take.

Once you have decided which class and section you are going to add to your cart, I suggest an extra step. Take a few minutes and make a back up plan, that way if when you go to register and the section you were planning on is full you already have a plan. While everyone is struggling to figure out what to do next, you will have already figured out your next steps. It is always good to have a back up ready to go, just in case something happens to your original plan.

On the morning of registration, your code will become active right at 7 o’clock am.  Most people in the dorms wake up early to ensure they can get what they have planned for. Be careful though because collecting in big groups of people in one room will greatly slow down the internet. Another thing to be careful of is the navigator system itself, the system usually crashes about five minutes after 7. So make sure you can get in fast, to decrease your chances of losing your ideal schedule.


Good Luck on your Registration Day!



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