Talk Before You Walk

It seems that for everyone, second semester has been harder than first semester. Whether it’s because you’re taking more classes, working more hours or your classes are just more difficult it’s easy to get stressed. Reading and writing intensive classes can be especially challenging. At this point in the semester many students tend to feel overwhelmed with their workload. Suddenly your workload picks up as you move closer to exams and you feel like you’re behind with your work and there’s no way out. A lot of students begin to feel like withdrawing from the class, or simply not showing up if you don’t have the work done is the best choice, but this isn’t always the case. It’s true that skipping a class every once in a while can give you the chance to stay in and catch up or even get some much needed rest, but don’t let this become a habit.

If you’re tempted to skip a class because you haven’t finished the work, this may not always be the best option. Try going to class and showing your professor what you have so far, and letting them know you’re falling behind but really want to be successful in their class. By showing them your unfinished work, they’ll see that you’re trying and will be more likely to give you an extension. Professors understand that this is a busy time of year, they have to meet with all of their advisees about registration, so they may be feeling stressed too! They can understand how you might be falling behind. Give it your best shot, talk to your professor, let them know you’re trying and get their input before you withdraw from a class or just stop attending. It’s not too late to catch up, especially if you were doing well in that class earlier in the semester. The sooner you communicate the better! You can do it!


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