Now that the weather seems to be taking great strides to improve itself, it is time for us to do the same. It is hard to mentally shake off the grayness of the winter from our brains, and it is very tempting to throw caution to the wind and enjoy the sunny breezy outsides, but keep in mind….We still have a whole month to go before we can achieve glorious summer! Now that we are in spring (and Mother Nature seems to have gotten the memo) it is easy to lose focus and get distracted by the beautiful sunshine outside, it would be a grave mistake to follow this impulse. The semester is starting to wind down and has reached the point of no return, where every assignment goes to your over all final grade. Here are a few ways to stay ahead of the lethargy caused by the gray months of winter:


Studies have shown that our environment can severely affect our mental and emotional health. So it makes sense that having a messy and cluttered space can cause our thoughts to become that same way. With our thoughts in  constant stagnation it becomes impossible to sort out what we need to achieve. If this is the case start with cleaning out your home (or dorm), soon your thoughts will clear themselves up, giving you a peaceful mind needed to stay motivated.



Do something creative. Take a day off your mental scrutiny and dedicate that time to making something. This will help your mind start up like an engine and will help pump up your motivational energy.



take your homework and computer outside, enjoy the day while staying on top of your work.



Get a good night’s rest, take naps every day, etc. Nothing can get your body back in tune than giving it the rest it needs.



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