Being organized is a great way to be successful throughout college! There are many different things that you can do to stay/become organized. Here are some fun tips!

  • Color code your classes – When purchasing school supplies try and pick one color for each class that you are taking. This will help you remember which notebook and/or folder is used for each class.
  • You can also keep your room organized by purchasing a plastic shelving unit. You can use this unit to store your clothing, toiletries, or extra school supplies. These units are also small enough to fit underneath your bed or inside your closet.
  • Check out Pinterest!  You can find some fun DIY ideas to stay organized here.

For example there is a DIY idea that is posted to create your own pencil holder. All you need is a shoe box and some toilet paper rolls. After decorating the outside of the shoe box you can glue the the toilet paper rolls to the inside of the box. Once this dries you can add all of your pens, pencils, markers, colored pencils, etc. to the box.

Pinterest is a great idea for you to create cool, creative,and trendy ideas to make your dorm room quaint, but also completely organized.


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