10 Days to Destress

Well here we are, with just 28 days till reading day it is the time we all are feeling the pressure of our classes. Stress is quickly attacking our lives, day by day. So if you are like me and are slowly falling behind in assignments and other course work, let’s find a way to fix this problem!! As a graduating senior I am searching high and low for motivation and ways to destress to make it my last 43 days on campus.

I found an article that gives 10 ideas on how to destress and for the next ten days I will be trying it out! I hope you join the challenge as well!

 Taken from CNN, “Destress your life in 10 easy steps”

Each day follow through with the way to destress and by the end of day 10, your stress level should be lowered to get you through to finals!!

 Day 1: Eat some chocolate

Day 2: Go for a short walk

Day 3: Take a three-minute breathing space

Day 4: Do something pleasurable

Day 5: The intensely frustrating line meditation

Day 6: Set up a mindfulness bell

Day 7: The ten-finger gratitude exercise

Day 8: Do the sounds and thoughts meditation

Day 9: Reclaim your life

Day 10: Go to the movies

If you would like to know what each day fully entails, click the link below!!


I hope you all in ten days will be sitting in the AMC movie theater getting ready to end our ten days of destressing together! Till then, breathe, relax, and push through it, we are almost there!!


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