Talk To Your Professor

It’s getting closer to the end of the semester so those finals are right around the corner! Make sure that you can check in with your professor once in a while to talk about your grades. If they don’t list an overall grade on Canvas then it is a good idea to ask your professor. Take a few minutes after class or during office hours if possible to talk about the direction you are heading in. Make sure you are on the right track to getting the best grade possible. If you feel like you do not understand the course material, your professor might be able to help you understand that too! Some professors even encourage students to come to study sessions before an exam or stop by to see if you need any clarification. This way, you are able to go over any questions you have about the exam and get help from your peers as well. 

But what if I can’t make it to my professor’s office hours or I can’t see them after class? Email your professor then! Ask (nicely) if they would be willing to set up a time and place to meet that works out for the both of you. Professors are almost always willing to go out of their way to help you succeed in class. After all, they are here because they care about your education! Make sure you are going down the right path and know what you can improve on before he semester ends! You can really benefit just from talking to your professor.

-Sarah M.


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