It is awesome to be part of the 50-70%

Now that you are almost finished with you first year in college it is time to reflect on what you have been learning in classes and your major choice. Have you been questioning your major? Do you not like the material you are learning in your classes? Have you not found what you’re good at? Do you not understand the courses in your major? Do you not like what you are seeing? Have you been having negative experiences? Are you bored? Are you in this major because of the money and not your passion? Well if you said yes to any of these questions it may be a good time in your college career to evaluate your major choice.


A lot of college students wait till later on in their college careers to change majors because they think that the feelings they have are going to change. Or they think that they should just stay in the major because it makes a lot of money. Let me tell you, if that is the mindset you are going to be disappointed in yourself by the time you graduate.


One reason you may be thinking about not changing majors is that you are the only one. But in truth you will be joining 50-70% of all college students. A lot of us come into college with one mindset and then realize we truly have a passion for a different subject entirely and that it a great feeling to have. So if you are scared about switching majors but have felt this sudden change in passion then I suggest talking a detour before your next class over to the Learning Commons to talk to academic advising. They are there for you to help with all of these problems you are currently facing. Oh and you know there are always people like the first year mentors and the entire first year office to help with this critical time in your college career!!


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