Professors are not only there to teach you but they can be a great tool outside the classroom. If you are struggling with their class it’s best to talk to him or her after class or visit during office hours. Talking to your professors during office hours is a good time to get one on one advice about the class and to talk about anything you feel like your struggling with. Professors can be very helpful outside the classroom. Granted some professors wont allow you to pass in late work but they are still willing to try and help. Many professors aren’t there to try and make you fail, they do want to see you succeed.

Once you establish a relationship with your professors it’s easy to talk with them. Also, you can start choosing your classes around the professor. It’s always good to pick a class with a professor you know you like. Maintaining a relationship with professors in your major can be beneficial too. These professors could help you with a recommendation letter for you if you are apply for a job after graduation.  It is nice to have a good relationship because you don’t want to ask a professor for a recommendation letter and they don’t remember having you in the class. Overall, talking to your professors isn’t a scary thing, it can help you in the long run.


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